Patron: The Countess Mountbatten of Burma, C.B.E.


Mountbatten Memorial Grants.




The Mountbatten Memorial Grants are intended for overseas students from the Commonwealth, who have


encountered unforeseen financial difficulty in, or towards the end, of their final year of study at a university

Sir Ernest Cassel Educational Trust

in the United Kingdom.  The grants are intended to help with living expenses in order to achieve the

What we do.

successful completion of the course.  The grants are therefore not scholarships or forms of sponsorship and


do not cover fees or part fees.  They can not be regarded as a source of primary funding.


Mountbatten Memorial Grants.

As these awards are intended to assist those students who are at the end of their studies, students who have

  just commenced a one year course are unlikely to be assisted.  The Trust does not make retrospective
  grants  or pay debts.

Post Doctoral Travel Grants.


The following universities administer these grants on our behalf: the Universities of  Birmingham, Cardiff,

  Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Nottingham, Reading, Imperial College London and

Other Grants.

University College London.  Overseas students from the Commonwealth, at these universities, should

apply to the university office responsible for overseas student welfare and support.


History of the Trust.

Overseas students from the Commonwealth, at other universities in the United Kingdom, should apply to

  The Grants Secretary, CISN Hardship Fund, 121 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4YN: Tel
  (0131) 225 5722 Ext 300: E-mail providing the following details:
  1. Their biographical details (c.v.) and a note about their intended career after the course.
  2. Details about the course or research degree and a realistic estimate of its completion date.
  3. Their current financial position and the nature of the unforeseen circumstances causing the difficulty.
  4. Any awards received from other sources and any other applications for financial assistance.
  5. A letter of support from the student's academic supervisor. (A statement of attendance is insufficient).

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